Portugal is the best rural destinations for explorers. 
Here you will find many reasons to visit us all year round.


In a small territory, Portugal concentrates landscapes and species so varied, that make of any trip a pleasure of discovery. From the imposing mountains to the vast plains, from the endless sandy beaches where the waves melt slowly to the trimmed coast bathed by the impetuous ocean, the country has a little of everything.m.

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The Atlantic Ocean bathes our long coast. By company has a bright sun that gilds the skin, warms the soul and fills with light and joy the fine white sand of our beaches, ideal for relaxing on a towel, for walking by the sea, for a romantic date and even to play or to have fun the night away.

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The long history of Portugal is reflected in a particular culture that results from the meeting of many people who settled here. 

It's found in villages and towns, in monuments and in traditions, where influences have been added and the Portuguese have applied with creativity.

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Recognized and appreciated all over the world for its diversity, unique flavors and quality of the products with which the dishes are made, the Portuguese gastronomy is part of the national heritage. 

The most distinctive feature of Portuguese cuisine comes from the sea.

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